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Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally - Complete Program

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Improve Your Vision Naturally

YES! You Can Improve Your Eyesight - without Surgery!

Improve your eyesight with this proven natural approach. Thousands have switched to lower prescription glasses or no longer need them.

In Just 10 Minutes:

Challenge How You Think about Your Vision. Over 375,000 views.

  • I went to the eye doctor to request a reduced prescription for computer work. To his amazement and mine, I had dropped a full diopter in 2 weeks… I also no longer needed bifocals.”
       - J. Emanuel, Colorado, USA

  • I’ve been wearing thick glasses since first grade, and to rediscover this kind of clarity is beyond words. Thanks again for lighting up an exhilarating journey.”
       - Nicolas Maranda, Montreal, Quebec
What to Expect as Your Vision Improves

Most people will begin seeing temporary “flashes” of clearer vision right away as they begin this program. The aim is for you to experience some improvement, regain confidence in your eyes, and learn how to relax and reactivate your vision on a daily basis. You will also ease and enliven your mind!

How Does Natural Vision Improvement Work?

Natural vision improvement is not a medical treatment. It is more like meditation and yoga. Imagine going through your day seeing clearly without glasses or surgery. Most people succeed best with a mix of explanation, activities, guided visualization, and other techniques to help them absorb natural vision principles.

The common presumption that your eyes have gotten lazy is backwards. The natural vision approach says that your sight is blurry because your eyes have been straining and working too hard. Your vision will improve as you rediscover natural ease in seeing.

The pioneer of natural vision improvement methods was Ophthalmologist William H. Bates. This observant doctor noticed that people with poor vision stare and strain to see everything at once. He found people with perfect sight shift their attention many times every minute, all day long. All that shifting sounds like a lot of work, but brain science tells us our minds need a constant supply of new information to stay activated and interested.

What You Will Learn from Greg Marsh:

  • Key techniques - Absorb and feel them at a deep level.
  • Rebuild faith in your vision with Greg's encouraging and supportive presentation style.
  • Learn to drop visual strain; not just in your eyes but also in your neck, back, shoulders and chest!
  • Benefit from Greg's study of martial art, meditation, and many natural health modalities.
  • Enlist visualization, imagination, and breathing techniques to dissolve old patterns and speed your progress.
  • Enjoy the side benefits - such as clearer thinking and ease in your tight neck,shoulders and back.   

About Greg Marsh, Natural Vision Teacher/Natural Vision Coach

Greg Marsh graduated from college as a chemical engineer. Extremely nearsighted, he started learning the Bates Method of eyesight improvement through books and made some improvement. But he found it very hard to absorb the necessary understanding from books. Greg developed a deep interest in many modes of natural healing and sought out Natural Vision Teachers in the US. In time he became a certified teacher himself.

Greg Marsh also studied and taught martial art and meditation for 25 years, which helps him to convey the subtle principles of natural vision improvement. His teaching approach is encouraging and sincere, yet playful. As a Certified Natural Vision Teacher Greg has helped thousands of people improve their eyesight through his CD programs, workshops, and personal Vision Coaching.

Mental and Emotional Factors in Vision

The limiting factor of blurry eyesight is almost always in the mind, not the eyes! People with multiple personalities demonstrate how quickly the eyes can see when the mind is ready. One personality may require strong glasses while another has no need for glasses. Each personality sees differently because it has different patterns of strain and emotions.

Greg Marsh uses EFT "tapping", guided visualization, breathing exercises, and other natural techniques to help you dissolve emotional “tight spots” that hold back your vision.

Many people find the side benefits of vision improvement even more exciting than clearer eyesight. Optometrist Ray Gottleib has been a leading advocate of the Bates Method and natural vision improvement for over thirty years. For himself and his clients he says the visual changes “provide tremendous growth and self knowledge.”

How is this Different from “Eye Exercises”?

You can find dozens of books in English about the Bates Method and natural vision improvement. A few are written by optometrists. Most are written by natural vision teachers. On the internet you can also find an abundance of “eye exercise programs.” This task-oriented approach works for some, but it fails to convey subtleties that most people need to restore faith in their vision. Many people who have tried many programs to improve their sight found their first real progress with Greg Marsh’s programs.

Getting Out of Glasses and Contacts

According to Dr. Bates, your eye muscles have moderate strain if you have a low prescription, and quite a lot of strain if you have a high prescription. In order to see clearly with glasses, you must perpetually recreate the strain you had while getting fitted for the glasses So you want to take them off whenever it is feasible and safe, to give them space to relax. If you have a high prescription you may want to keep your glasses handy at the workshop, but wear them as little as possible. You will discover you see more than you realized! If your glasses are not very strong you’ll do fine without them. Do what feels interesting and comfortable.

Of course you must wear glasses if you need them to be safe and legal for driving, and you should have regular eye exams. If you enjoy taking charge of your health, you may find natural vision improvement to be a rewarding journey beyond the standard realm of glasses, contacts, and laser surgery.


Natural Vision Improvement is not a medical treatment, and does not diagnose, prescribe
or treat any medical conditions. Only a licensed practitioner can provide these services.
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