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"Soft-Bounce" Rebounder

"Soft-Bounce" Rebounder
Blue Needak Rebounder Black Needak Rebounder Stabilizer Bar Jump to Activate Your Eyes

Our Prices:
Are the lowest allowed by Needak. Needak rebounders are Made in the USA!

Shipping rates:

We currently ship rebounders only within the USA lower 48 states

Folding unit  $27
Non-folding unit  $34
Add for stabilizer bar  $7

Stabilizer bar shipped
separately  $14

Read description below for more information
Price: $314.00
Choose Model:
(Save 19 - 21% - Price will adjust)
*Black folding $369 You Pay $314.00
*Blue folding $369 You Pay $314.00
Black non-fold $324 You Pay $280.00
Black folding Heavy $404 You Pay $349.00
Black non-fold Heavy $359 You Pay $315.00
Stabilizer Bar Only - No Rebounder $85 You Pay $72.25

Add Stabilizer Bar: (For any rebounder)$85
Add Stabilizer Bar
You Pay $72.25


 Rebound to Improve Your Vision

Rebounding Supports the Bates Method of Relaxing and Moving the Eyes

Greg Marsh jumps on a Needak Rebounder
  • Made in USA!
  • We offer the lowest price allowed by Needak
  • Voted best bounce by far at Greg's workshops* 
  • Vision activities included.
  • Improve your mood in 60 seconds.
  • Free book, video, and heavy duty carrying bag (see below)

Finding the perfect rebounder.  Many years back, I read Al Carter's essential book about rebounding and its amazing health effects. The reported vision benefits made sense. I got a cheap rebounder and I was hooked. But there were two problems. I found out later how it is naturally helpful for eyesight (see below).

Problem #1:  After a few months a spring broke and launched itself at the wall. I continued jumping but in a few days another spring broke. Soon a third and fourth spring broke. I bought a new rebounder I thought was better. Same problem.

After awhile I found a rebounder made with bungee cords instead of springs. Wonderful at first, but the jump quickly became soggy. Next, I found a 4 foot diameter rebounder with lots more springs that I thought would last forever. I was wrong. I continued my quest. I went through several more rebounders. Sometimes I exchanged the broken one for a new unit. Merchants always agreed, this shouldn't be breaking so soon. My jumping wasn't that aggressive, they just had poor designs.

Problem #2:  Wow! I didn't know about the second problem until I found - and felt - the solution. When I heard about heavy duty rebounders I ordered one right away. Success!!! Not only was it sturdy, the deeper jump felt wonderful! I realized I been bracing against every bounce on the cheap units.

Needak vs. Rebound-Air:  If you search the web you'll find that two premium brands dominate, Needak and Rebound-Air. Both have a much heavier steel frame, huge wide-body springs, and ultra-durable mats. Both offer folding models that are just as strong but easy and quick to store.

Needak is my choice:  My first rebounder was a Rebound-Air. I still have it, and it's great. But I like the feeling, the bounce, of the Needak rebounder much better. The timing and depth of the bounce is just more gratifying to me. I've been taking both the Needak and Rebound-Air to Reclaim Your Eyesight workshops since 2004, and almost everyone who compares them prefers the Needak rebounder.*

Made in USA!:  Needak rebounder is made in the USA, in Nebraska. The Rebound-Air is made in China. We offer the lowest prices Needak allows, and we'll include descriptions and photos of my favorite "vision-rebounding" activities too! I've sold the Needak rebounders to clients and workshop participants for several years and have not seen any failures yet. Now we offer them here on our website. If you order through us, your unit will usually ship the next day by UPS ground. And you'll automatically be registered with a factory warranty (see below).

Rebounding without Glasses is an
Enjoyable Way to Improve Your Eyesight

Eyesight Improvement Many people report vision improvement as an outcome of simple daily jumping on the rebounder. For instance, optometrist Jacob Liberman, author of "Take Off Your Glasses and See" had his biggest breakthough while using a rebounder. Remember, the Bates Method is all about movement and ease. You can't help moving and your body discovers natural ease while bouncing.

We include special rebounding vision activities to help you get even more "focused" results!
Other Benefits  
  • A friend who works a high-tech job usually looks super-serious, but she gets an infectious smile, spontaneously, when she bounces on the trampoline. It's such a mood-enhancer!
  • Although it is more fun and less work, tests by NASA showed that rebounding burns more calories than running.
  • The list of reported aches, pains, and diseases getting better is quite long! Here is an article by the prolific holistic health writer, Mort Walker with many examples.
Included with Your Rebounder
  • Free DVD video, "Immune System". Al Carter demonstrates the rebounder and explains why it helps your immune system - $20.00 value
  • Free reprint article, "Aerobic Resistance Rebounding" by Dr. Tina Wellman
It feels kind of like... To get an idea of the feeling of a Needak rebounder, sit and bounce on an exercise ball. Let some air out so it's a bit softer. Notice how delightful the g-force feels throughout your body, but with no jarring. It's unbeatable for working out toxins through the lymph system. Now imagine that feeling includes your legs and more freedom of movement. Put on some music...

Folding Rebounder Option
The folding version is just as sturdy, and it's a LOT easier to store. Both units are 40 inches across. Both stand 10 inches high on very stable legs that are brilliantly designed to fold out of the way. Part of the extra cost of the folding unit is offset because it is more compact and about $7 cheaper to ship. If you won't ever store it, the non-folding model is a bit simpler to set up.
Optional Stabilizer Bar The optional stabilizer bar slips on over two of the legs. It's great for people who are older or less stable. The picture above shows how a person who cannot stand can be bounced by a friend. It's great also for someone who wants to bounce more passively while watching TV. The stabilizer bar is straightforward but a bit tedious to put it on and take it off frequently, because you have to remove the rubber floor protectors from the two legs.
Optional Heavy Duty Model Needak's regular folding or non-folding rebounder will support weights up to 300 pounds. Their "Hard Bounce" heavy duty model is for people over 300 pounds. For most people the regular models will have a more enjoyable bounce.
Reviews The Needak rebounder has a 5-star rating on amazon.com. Please come back here to order so you can get the rebounder vision activities! Our price matches the lowest amazon.com price.
Shipping Rebounders usually ship the next day by UPS ground from the Needak factory in O'Neill, Nebraska.

(After several years, so far our workshop and local client customers have not yet had any parts fail.)

Upon ordering your warranty will automatically be registered with Needak.
Warranty for home use:
Lifetime: Frame, frame hinges, platform pins, and leg tubes
5 years: Mat, mat cleats, and spring pins
2 years: Mat springs, leg tips, leg springs, and safety spring cover

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