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Relax your eyes and de-stress for spring!  Join me for the complimentary video Webinar and discover where you hold strain in your own eyes so you can finally let it go. Find your way toward the heart of Dr. Bates’ philosophy and learn or refine essential techniques you can use to improve your own eyesight.

We’ll include suggestions about how to keep your eyes relaxed at your computer. I will take some live questions, too.

Registration is required. I hope you can attend! – Greg Marsh, Presenter

Watch on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and/or listen by phone.

  • Participate by phone or computer; Webinar will last 1 hour
    Presented by Greg Marsh, BetterEyesightNow.com
  • Improve nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, “middle-age” vision and many other eyesight conditions. Ease up on your stressful life and tight muscles. Learn how the Bates Method and related techniques can help you start seeing more clearly right away.
  • SEE for yourself! You can improve your vision naturally by properly relaxing your eyes and mind. This free webinar will use live participant questions to explore what it really takes to change your eyesight. You will probably experience clearer vision during the webinar.
  • No, your eyes are not lazy. That is backwards. They’re working too hard! Dr. William H. Bates discovered in the early 1900’s that poor vision correlated with staring and straining to see. Dr. Bates then dedicated himself to finding ingenious techniques to help dissolve the habits of visual strain.
  • Eyesight is a lot like your memory. When you strain to remember something, it may elude you. But later when you are relaxed you remember easily. When you let go of strain in visual system things likewise become more clear.
  • Live Q&A. Learn at a deeper level by asking your own live question, or by listening and exploring along with others’ questions.

Greg Marsh teaches the classic Bates Method along with other techniques such as visualization, breathing exercises, and EFT “tapping” to help you dissolve strain in your vision and rediscover natural clarity. Greg is the creator of Mercola.com’s vision improvement program and various other programs that we sell here on our website. Thousands of people with nearsighted, farsighted, “middle age vision”, astigmatism, and other conditions have used his programs to improve their eyesight. Greg’s easy to follow presentation style draws on his varied background in engineering, martial arts, meditation, and training in various natural health modalities including Natural Vision Improvement.

THIS APPROACH IS NOT MEDICAL and does not diagnose or prescribe or treat any eye conditions. It is much more like yoga and meditation, to help you get the most from your vision. No medical advice is given, but rather examples of people who have found success improving their eyesight with natural methods.

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