Next Eyesight Webinar Early 2022 -
Registration Available Soon

Learn and try out techniques and concepts to improve your eyesight. The webinar was driven by great questions and lively discussions. Learn subtle points that will speed your progress. A few examples:

  • Power of the sway and swing, particularly during COVID19, when everyone is spending more time with their devices
  • Dissolve restlessness before palming
  • Is Bates palming a form of meditation?
  • Navigate reduced glasses prescriptions, and when to use them
  • What pinhole glasses can show you
  • Leverage the Bates long swing in similar ways to EMDR
  • Why imagination and closing the eyes are essential catalysts
  • ... and much more!

The most fun part of the webinar? When everyone signs off and says goodbye at 1:14:30. :-)

Vision Coach Training and Certification Program - Go Deeper into the Bates Method and complementary approaches. 

  Vision Coach Training Details