About Greg Marsh

Creator of Reclaim Your Eyesight Now Program

greg marsh

Greg Marsh graduated from college as a chemical engineer. He worked in a variety of engineering positions including design, research & development, project management, government, and consulting. His expertise areas included water/wastewater treatment, renewable resources, energy conservation, and technical writing.

To help balance out the very logical tech world, Greg was always drawn to books and other resources that promoted natural health and ways to better use the mind. He was fascinated to meet people through his 20's who had naturally cured their own cancer, diabetes, and other "diseases". But he was still completely shocked in his late 20's to learn about the Bates Method of naturally healing eyesight. He quickly made some initial progress on his own. However, it took some time to untangle deeply rooted nearsighted habits. As you will learn on this website, a person's blurry vision is entwined with their habits, personality, posture, and thought patterns.

Dr. Bates' perpetual quest for ways to truly "relax" helped inspire Greg to study and later to teach martial arts and meditation. He was especially drawn to the Aikido idea of "letting go" and the Taoist premise of "non-effort", which have many parallels in eyesight. Greg has continued to study the Bates Method and various alternative health approaches over the years. EFT “tapping” and guided visualization have come to be his favorite complimentary techniques to enhance results with the Bates Method.  

Greg began teaching Natural Vision Improvement in 2003, and he soon phased out his engineering work. He became certified in life coaching and wellness coaching, and began referring to his work with clients as Natural Vision Coaching. His approach is encouraging and "safe", yet playful. His unique blend of experience and training helps him get across subtle points to a diverse audience. 

After creating a Natural Vision Improvement CD program for the very popular natural health website Mercola.com in 2006, Greg found his local Colorado audience becoming international. Today he offers workshops, online courses, personal video coaching, and training/certification for other aspiring Natural Vision Coaches. He has helped thousands of people improve their eyesight through these venues.