About Greg Marsh

greg-head-shots-best-oval.pngGreg Marsh graduated from college as a chemical engineer. Extremely nearsighted, he started learning the Bates Method of eyesight improvement through books, had some improvements, but found it difficult to absorb the necessary understanding from books. Greg sought out Natural Vision Teachers in the US and in time he became a certified teacher himself.

Greg is a fun and inspiring instructor. His teaching approach is encouraging and sincere, yet playful. Greg’s unique mix of training helps him get across essential points to a wide audience. He has a degree in chemical engineering, experience in technical writing, studied and taught martial arts and mediation for 25 years, and has studied various alternative health approaches including massage, hypnotherapy, EFT, and EMDR.

Natural Vision Improvement and the Bates Method have been his passionate interest for 30 years. Greg is certified as a Natural Vision Teacher and Wellness Coach who has helped thousands of people improve their eyesight through his CD programs, workshops, and personal Vision Coaching.