Natural Vision Information and Coaching – Disclaimer

By purchasing and/or receiving Natural Vision Coaching or support or information from through workshops, trainings, CDs or digital programs, personal Natural Vision Coaching sessions, information on the website, or any other fashion, you are agreeing to this Disclaimer statement.

Natural Vision Coaching is a wellness coaching, rather than medical, approach. You must work with a licensed medical provider for any prescriptions, evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. Your success improving your eyesight depends upon your unique situation and motivation. Many persons who successfully improved their eyesight have found it beneficial to spend some time without their glasses; however, you are responsible for remaining safe and legal for driving and other tasks that may involve risk to yourself or others.

You understand that the purpose of Natural Vision Coaching is to learn about Natural Eyesight Improvement, and receive encouragement in finding ways you can personally relax your eyes to allow for improved function which may naturally occur. You understand that you are responsible for integrating what you learn into your life and daily habits in order to benefit from this Natural Vision Coaching support.

You understand that this course is not diagnosis, treatment, prescribing, therapy, counseling, or determination of function. You understand that the Natural Vision Coach is not an optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist, physician, psychologist, therapist, or medical provider of any sort. You are responsible to have an eye doctor monitor your progress and prescribe weakened lenses whenever needed. If you have a history of eye disease you are responsible to be under the care of an ophthalmologist during the time you receive Natural Vision Coaching.

You are solely responsible for your own reactions and feelings in response to Natural Vision Coaching. You understand that you may have uncomfortable reactions if you start to see more clearly. The Natural Vision Coach is available to discuss such issues, and may suggest you work with relevant licensed practitioners. You agree to not hold the Natural Vision Coach or Vision Improvement Center, or responsible for any changes or lack of changes of eyesight or anything else that occurs while you are receiving Natural Vision Coaching support. You understand that self-healing can take from several weeks or months to several years, or longer.

Audio/video recordings by clients or class attendees are not permitted unless authorized by the Natural Vision Coach. 

You agree to hold harmless and indemnify, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all liability for any personal injury or property damage arising out of activities. 
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