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Natural Vision Coaching from Greg Marsh provides support and encouragement for eyesight improvement using the Bates Method, EFT "Tapping", guided visualization, and other tools. Relaxation and stress reduction are often key factors for success. As you have likely noticed, your eyes see better when you are happy and relaxed. The Bates Method includes techniques to relax eye muscles that have been tight for years or decades. EFT "tapping" and guided visualization also help to dissolve tight muscles and stress all through the body and mind.

This is not a medical approach, and does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat eye conditions or any other medical conditions. You are responsible for getting licensed medical help whenever appropriate. When you schedule an appointment, you are agreeing to our waiver. To view the waiver click this link.


30 Mins. Session


Shorter, useful as a one-time Vision Coaching session to review techniques you are doing and get help with specific questions. Or for brief follow-up sessions to encourage and help sustain progress.

Most popular

60 Mins. Session


Good for reviewing/discovering what techniques work best for you. Or for follow-up progress sessions with subtle technique refinements, EFT "tapping", and/or guided visualizations.

90 Mins. Session


Longer, useful for one-time or ongoing Vision Coaching sessions that go deeper into lifestyle and emotional aspects of eyesight, often including EFT "tapping", or guided visualizations. Can also be a useful as a "first session" to get a strong start.

Encouraging support for your natural vision improvement

  • Bates Method and more. Greg will help you find how to succeed with the Bates Method. Most people tend to “try too hard” to improve their vision. The eyes, mind, and entire being will benefit from discovering the essence of Dr. Bates’ principles of movement and relaxation.
  • Emotional factors. If you are interested in the effect of emotions on your vision, dissolving them can be a fast track to better eyesight. Greg can support you with EFT “tapping”, visualizations, and awareness activities.
  • Email questions and history before your appointment. Greg will read as much as you choose to write, so you can quickly dive into the coaching session. His approach is encouraging, always aiming for new successes. He works at an unhurried pace, yet with ample time to cover your questions.
  • Eye doctor & prescription help. Although Greg’s input is non-medical, he can explain strategies that have helped others work with their eye doctors to get reduced prescriptions, to ease strain and accelerate improvement.

Online Scheduling

  • Greg recommends meeting by zoom video, but phone is also an option if you prefer
  • Click "Schedule Your Time" button below
  • Fill out the registration form with your vision history and what kiind of support you want
  • Pick an appointment time up to 8 weeks ahead; we'll send reminders including the zoom link
  • Contact us if none of the listed times works for you

Local In-Person Vision Coaching Sessions

  • In-Person Natural Vision Coaching in Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Sorry, in-person coaching is suspended until Coronavirus concerns have passed