Greg-400x400.pngNatural Vision Coaching

Natural Vision Coaching with Greg Marsh. 30, 60, and 90 minute times available.


60 Minutes – $130
90 Minutes – $190
30 Minutes – $70

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Encouraging help from Greg Marsh for a personalized natural vision improvement program.

  • Bates Method and more. Greg will help you find how to succeed with the Bates Method. Most people tend to “try too hard” to improve their vision. The eyes, mind, and entire being will benefit from discovering the essence of Dr. Bates’ principles of movement and relaxation.
  • Emotional factors. If you are interested in the effect of emotions on your vision, dissolving them can be a fast track to better eyesight. Greg can support you with EFT “tapping”, visualizations, and awareness activities.
  • Email questions and history before your appointment. Greg will read as much as you choose to write, so you can quickly dive into the coaching session. Greg is as encouraging on the phone as he is on the CD’s. He works at an unhurried pace, yet with ample time to cover your questions.
  • Eye doctor & prescription help. Although Greg’s input is non-medical, he can explain strategies that have helped others work with their eye doctors to get reduced prescriptions that ease strain and accelerate improvement.

Flexible Online Scheduling (available soon)

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Local In-Person Vision Coaching Sessions

  • In-Person Natural Vision Coaching in Fort Collins, Colorado

  • If you live near Fort Collins, Colorado and want to meet personally
  • Or if you will be traveling through the area