Natural Vision Coaches in USA and Other Countries

Natural Vision Teacher/Coaches Who Received Training and Certification from Greg Marsh and - USA and Europe


Carla Sciaky

Denver, Colorado

Carla Sciaky first discovered Natural Vision Improvement through an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola in 2005. Shortly thereafter she took a seven-week teleclinic class with Dr. Mercola and Thomas Quackenbush, which changed her life forever. She trained with Greg Marsh as an NVI coach in 2008 and 2013.

She enjoys the feeling of connectedness with her clients, as together they explore how to regain healthy ways of seeing. Here are comments from some of those people: "Carla is a first-rate teacher." "Carla’s sessions ‘opened my eyes’ to the possibility of developing improved vision beyond the constraints of glasses.” “I really felt that I had specialized treatment for all of me, not just my eyes.” “...My painful headaches were gone because I was learning to relax during my day to day activities.”


Pat Mattas

Plainville, Connecticut

Pat Mattas, Educational Therapist/Nurse, offers an integrated, holistic, brain-based method to learning and living.  She was drawn to Natural Vision Improvement as a natural compliment to this approach. Pat received her training and certification as a Natural Vision Teacher and Coach from Greg Marsh.

Pat has been in practice for over 13 years, empowering special needs children of all ages.  Her practice also includes adults.  The pillars of Pat's practice are brain integration therapy, sound/music therapy, Natural Vision Improvement, neuro-academics, nutritional supplements, neuro-based body movements, and doTERRA essential oils.  


Marybetts Sinclair

Corvallis Oregon

Marybetts Sinclair, LMT is a massage therapist, author and teacher, and a certified Natural Vision Improvement Coach.  Marybetts  has greatly improved her own vision using the Bates Method. In addition to using the methods and principles of William Bates, MD, Marybetts' classes also incorporate concepts learned from her 40 years as a massage therapist, from yoga, therapeutic massage, therapeutic stretching, and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Chronic tension in the face, neck, shoulders and spine can be the direct result of seeing with strain, and she stresses learning to see without straining.

If you have visual issues such as near- or far-sightedness, chronic tension related to how you use your eyes, or simply want your vision to be more alive and authentic, come and give these techniques a go! Marybetts offers Individual Coaching Sessions, Bodywork to relieve chronic visual strain, and Natural Vision Workshops.


Mimi Shekoski

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Mimi Shekoski, Ph.D., is a Natural Health doctor, certified Natural Vision coach (by Greg Marsh), author, and Health & Wellness educator. Dr. Mimi is a holistic healer with great passion and enthusiasm on helping people to recover their vision conditions naturally. Her clients benefit from her personable coaching skills, and her insightful knowledge and experiences on natural health and holistic nutrition.

Her vision practice utilizes Dr. Bates’ principles along with EFT, NLP, nutrition, natural remedies, and mind-body-emotion modalities. She offers personal consultation via phone, Skype, or Zoom as well as inspirational natural vision seminars and in-depth workshops.


Jason Stuck NVC

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Natural clear vision is the easiest thing in the world, but it isn’t always that easy! Sometimes we have to get creative and remember how to allow it to happen. Coaching can help you develop the practices to re-learn visual habits to give you clear and consistent natural vision.

Jason Stuck, a certified Natural Vision Coach at, provides one-on-one coaching, interactive on-line courses, and phone and skype consultations. Vision Improvement Coaching provides the understanding and information to get you started and offers on-going coaching to help ensure consistency, quality, and integration of new visual habits.


Myra Lapidus

Sedona, Arizona

As a Certified Natural Vision Coach, Myra helps people improve their eyesight through a combination of the Dr. Bates Method, nutrition, and other healing modalities. She also creates a safe space for clients to explore and release possible emotional issues that are affecting their vision. Myra provides one-on-one sessions remotely via skype and phone as well as in-person.

She became interested in natural vision improvement after seeing several of her family members improve their eyesight to 20/20 vision (or better) and stop wearing glasses. She also provides EFT and full spectrum energy healing sessions and runs a holistic health services company that specializes in treating autism.


Tony Helinsky

Lund, Sweden

Certified Natural Vision Teacher and Coach (certified by Greg Marsh in 2011), Founder of the Organic EyeSight method.

Specialties: Focus on eyesight focus training and ”refractive error” as a talent, explaining what eye glasses and contact lenses really do and using that as one starting point. All in the spirit of Bates and Natural Vision. Offers two-day workshops, a weekly online group coaching EyeSightCoach Club program, online bookable private consultations over Skype and Phone.


Vija Busa

Riga, Latvia, EU

Vija is a Certified Natural Vision Coach who helps people improve their eyesight through personal vision coaching sessions in-person and in groups. She also offers weekend workshops, introductory lectures for teachers and parents and an occasional free lecture.

Vija invites those with vision improvement experience to join her Eye Friends Club once a week to improve their eyesight together. Vija decided to become a natural vision coach after several decades of improving her own health of body and mind, and vision. She considers this coaching her mission and finds it thrilling.


Jennifer Ehrentraut

Hawthorne, New Jersey

As a Certified Natural Vision Coach, Jen enjoys creatively guiding you to improve your eyesight and achieve your highest visual potential. When it comes to our vision, there is much more than what meets the eye and Jen will coach you through whatever vision related challenges you are currently facing. Along the way, you may even experience improved insight as well as clearer vision, less strain and a deeper understanding of how and why we view ourselves, others and the world around us the way that we do.

She combines her experience as a student of the Bates Method, 5 years as an Optometric Vision Therapist for Developmental (also known as Behavioral) Optometrists, and as a certified practitioner of Integral Hatha Yoga, Yoga Energetics and Healing, IGM Therapeutic Acupressure, SILVA Life System (Meditation, Visualization an Relaxation Techniques) and Reiki.