What our Customers Say

Cynthia M. Alexis

North Carolina

I just want to give you a quick update on my progress. I'm listening to your cds each day and using the guided sections as well. I find that when I feel "keyed up" and can't unwind, the guided sections are great because your voice is calm and it gets me calmed down.

I have started using some of the EFT techniques as well to help with relaxation and stress. I think that is going to give me some added help in my journey to clear vision.

I went to the eye doctor today to have my eyes checked. He was quite surprised to find that my distance vision went from 20/40 to 20/35 and my "normal" vision went from between 20/30-20/35 down to 20/25! He tested to see what bifocal strength I was at now. The last time I was -.63 and this time I had improved to -.36!

My right eye is now -.75 diopter and left is -1.0 and I still have some astigmatism in both eyes, but I'm going to keep at it and really surprise him in a year when I have my next checkup!

I don't know if others have tried this or not, but I was having a hard time with the long swing and with keeping my eyes from trying to fixate on things as I moved. It was tiresome to hold my finger out in front of me for very long, so I started using my laser pointer and keeping my arm close to my body and it works great for me!

Thank you for your help. I love the cds. They are great. I'm learning to relax my eyes and am starting to notice improvement. The guided sections are a big help. When I don't feel motivated to do anything, I use the guided sections to get myself going again.

Mary Oliver


I had to E-mail and say I really like your course. It contains a lot of detail and covers every Natural Vision Improvement method! I am studying daily, listening to the CD's many times.

I used your palming tape to teach a man with glaucoma to palm, shift, long swing. In just one day after palming the extremely red - bloodshot color in his eyes had decreased 3/4. This is the first time in ages his eyes looked good. He says his eyes feel better too. He is having his doctor check the eye pressure in case the eye medicine needs to be reduced if the pressure lowers.

Am also helping a semi blind man with seeing eye dog. Your relaxing voice/way you teach helps me learn to speak better when training people to use Bates method.

Yours is completely natural to listen to.Thanks again for the great training! If you get a video course let me know, I will buy it.

Maureen Hyman

Cambridge, Ontario Canada

I am utterly amazed and delighted with the improvement in my vision due to your programme. I have listened to it completely and have done some palming and swinging. The results I have received far exceed any effort I have put out. ("Exactly" I imagine Greg would say!). My big insight was a new awareness in just how much "staring" or fading out I was doing. Like I had placed a film between myself and my world. Moving from seeing one spot to seeing another spot etc, brought the world back into focus. It took a few weeks to break my habit of zoning out. Today, I realized that I am not doing that anymore. At least not in the same chronic way.

My vision challenge was presbyopia. I resisted glasses for a long time because I felt that was the beginning of a downward slope to continually declining vision. I have tried other eye programmes over the years but could not sustain the effort with no results. I packed away my glasses when I started your programme. I bought some from the $ store (+2.25) and wore them as little as possible. Today I returned to the store to buy weaker lenses and purchased a pair of +1.00! (They don't come any weaker than that!) I am so appreciative of your gentle approach. Thank you so much for putting Dr. Bates information together in such an accessible way. I am confident that it will be only a matter of time before I can put away my glasses for good!

Fred Knauke

Denver, Colorado

The job you have done in producing the CDs is quite good, in my opinion. I like your relaxing voice quality. My wife has even commented on that. The first time through I am keeping moving. The second time I will focus more on doing the "exercises." I am just beginning to notice how much of what we say is vision related.

I look forward to my twice daily walk/runs in the park down the street. Every day is a new adventure in discovering what new things will be more clear than before. Today I was able to read the "25" on the speed-limit sign from twice as far away as the other day and I could read the words "speed limit" for the first time. I could even catch glimpses of the words "stop ahead" on another sign farther down the block. I am strongly tempted to stare in an attempt to see the words for more than an instant. But I resist the temptation and keep shifting my focus away and back.

I am becoming very aware of how frequently I stare. Stopping that habit has become my top priority. Your mention of myopes holding their breath hit home. That's a habit I have been trying to break for years.

I have come up with an exercise for myself: While walking in the park, I approach a street that is perpendicular to my line of vision. I follow each passing vehicle as it goes across my field of vision and delight when I can recognize it as a PT Cruiser or whatever.

Nicolas Maranda

Montreal, Quebec

Your CD course is a godsend. I sense that the benefits reach far past the eyes, into the mind and all of the being. I put an eye chart on the wall across from my desk as I started the course, and it was a total blur. I couldn't even attempt to guess the first letter.

Well, I just did the first guided exercise on the 5th CD, and I could see THE FIFTH LINE!!!! ... I've been wearing thick glasses since first grade (up to -6.25) and to rediscover that kind of clarity is beyond words. Thanks for your time, and thanks again for lighting up an exhilarating journey!

J.B. Emanuel

I am very excited about the results I’ve experienced from the methods I’ve learned from Greg. I initially enrolled with the intent to learn enough about my eyes so they would not get worse.

I’ve worn glasses for 40 years and bifocals for five. Each year the eye exam would tell me I “required” a higher prescription. In the midst of the weekly workshop sessions I went to my eye doctor to request a reduced prescription for computer work. To his amazement and mine, I had dropped a full diopter in just two weeks from the methods learned in the workshop. He also told me I no longer needed bifocals! My intent now is to abolish eyeglasses altogether.

Julie Waddell

Portland, Oregon

(This person used the CD programs and phone consultations, and mentions other natural modalities that helped her get free from 2 years of eye pain) Greg, I am so excited! I finally found an optometrist that will work with me and I just got back from my first exam AND my vision has improved! He also gave me a clean bill of health in regards to my eyes…of course I already knew that but he used some adjective like ‘impeccable’ or something like that.

I have found a new herbologist/energy medicine practitioner that I saw two weeks ago. She said that I had parasites in my eyes that were causing the pain. (I had a whole gamut of tests run recently and it did show parasites on paper – her methodology is muscle testing.) Anyway she used energy medicine to clear my body of the parasites and I haven’t experienced any eye pain since. Pretty awesome, huh? I expect it is only going to get better from here on out. And much quicker too as I put more attention into my health.

Thanks for all you do!


Phoenix, Arizona
I recently found your information online, purchased your CDs, and listened to them last night. Thank you so much. I really like them. Even though I listened to them just before sleeping last night, I already noticed that my eyes move more (instead of just staring) when I looked in the mirror this morning.

As I progress, I'm sure I'll be looking for a local optometrist who would be willing to work with me to get progressively weaker transition glasses. I was wondering if you might know of anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area. [Yes, told her of Dr. Kondrot in Phoenix, who also is a classical homeopath!] In any event, thank you again for the obvious hard work you put into making the CDs. I'm looking forward to seeing clearly without lenses or glasses.

New Jersey Grandmother

You'll be glad to know that my vision has improved. Last year I purchased Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally a couple of months before my eye exam and good news: I did not need a new prescription!

So I asked my doctor for a reduced prescription: He gave me a 20/30 prescription. This year when I went back, they tested me with my new 20/30 glasses, and I tested out at 20/20 for both eyes (20/20 for one and 20/25 for the other). I am in my 60s and this is the first time I have ever had vision improvement! I think my eye doctor was more surprised than I was.
I thank God and I thank you for your help in improving my vision.

E. H.

Grass Valley, CA
When my eyes were injured 9 months ago, I had an original Bates book and another derivative book, so I knew about the Bates Method.

However, I had to use a large magnifying glass to read and it was slow and frustrating. With your CD's, I could lie down and relax and listen. Your calm voice was most welcome in a time of very stressful worry about my eyes.

Stephanie A.

Your voice and the person inside the voice is so lovely, soothing, compels me to listen. Your word choices and your emotional tone are innocent as well as wise. I’m so grateful for you and this work.

Gerald Bryan

Centennial, Colorado
I recently purchased your CD set from mercola.com. I'm having a lot of fun working through the CDs. You have a great voice, and I love your manner of speaking and the guided imageries. I am REALLY enjoying this process, I almost don't care if it ultimately works or not. Memories of my childhood are coming back to me in great clarity, slowly and relaxedly, focused especially on those around the time I got my first pair of glasses. Walks in the park, eye meditations, exercise, all without glasses, and all very satisfying. Even seeing changes in my allergies. The tinnitus that I've lived with for several years has almost disappeared, and my hearing and sense of smell have improved. As well as my appreciation for life. Warm regards,

Sandy Earl

Holland, Ohio
I enjoyed the group of people at the seminar and feel like I have made progress last weekend. On the way home the only time I put my glasses on was when I was standing at the baggage claim and didn't see my luggage thinking that it was lost was when I put on my glasses to see that the Denver flight had been moved to a different caurosel. Then just to find my shuttle bus. I am trying to incorporate palming at least twice a day and have actively been aware of staring, relaxation and breathing when doing my day to day things. I am also finding that I don't need the computer quite so close to me as I once did........so to me that's PROGRESS!!. I am grateful to you and to Laura for putting on such a calm and relaxed weekend. Thank-you again for everything.

Vicki C.

Joplin, MO
Thank you Greg! Don't worry, I'm GLAD you're not a doctor! I don't get along with them very well. : ) I went to see my optometrist today and of course he said, "It doesn't work," but he would help me with the prescriptions. BUT, get this....I've only been going without my glasses for one day and doing lots of palming and listening to the CD's and my prescription was already changed! He told me that he didn't think I would like dropping a whole diopter, so he said he'd go 3/4 first. My original Rx was - 7, so it's pretty bad. I agreed. So he wrote the prescription. I had taken an older pair with me just to check the Rx and when he checked it, it was right on the nose for what he had written! So, I have a reduced pair already and they don't feel as bad as the ones I just wore two days ago. I'm very encouraged! I also have to tell you what has happened over the weekend that was an "added bonus." For the past year, due to my "type A" personality and my high-stress lifestyle and a crisis that came about in my family, I have been battaling burned out adrenals and chronic insomnia. I've been going to a naturopath for about 9 months and I'm so much better, but still not sleeping all night and getting a good 8 hours of sleep. I would normally sleep about 6-7 and wake up at some point in the night and take an hour or so to go back to sleep. Anyway, last Friday night and Saturday before going to bed, I did the guided "palming" on your 4th CD. Both nights I slept like I was drugged!!! I even slept for 9 hours!!! Then last night (Sunday night), I decided I would just do the palming on my own for a few minutes without the CD. I did go to sleep, but I was wide awake at 2:00. I popped in the CD, did the track for 26 min. and fell right to sleep! I am totally amazed at how our brain, stress, eyes and everything all works together. God did a good job putting everything in place, we just have to do the right stuff so it all works right! LOL!

Betty Lewis

Milford, New Hampshire
Greg Marsh has a VERY good way of explaining the Bates Method, and the short tracks are easy to use. I've been introduced to this method in at least four different formats (group seminar, private lessons, another taped program, and reading a book) in the past, and never got out of it what Greg is presenting. The information is cumulative, so you don't have to spend a lot of time at any one sitting, and the benefits range from clearer vision to relaxed neck, shoulder, back muscles and who knows what else? ????

Julie Clemons, C. H.

Walsenburg, CO
Greg is a wonderfully creative and gentle teacher. As an herbal medicine and natural health practitioner, I had been LOOKING for ways to improve my eyesight for many years. I was aware that a method existed and finally FOCUSED on it with Greg Marsh in the Natural Vision Workshop. Little did I know, the enhanced Bates Method would entirely change my way of SEEING life! Starting with 20/200 in my left eye and 20/80 right, I began to see better immediately. Colors are intense. My clarity increases as I continue to practice the activities and improve my diet and lifestyle. For most functions other than driving I no longer use glasses, and have not worn my contact lenses since February of 2004. My goal is 20/20 or better within 3 years.

Susan E. Mead, M.H.

Fort Collins, CO
Just days after buying my first reading glasses at the age of 46, I was fortunate enough to attend Greg Marsh's introductory class. After just two hours and a few simple techniques I was able to read one line lower on the eye chart! I was so confident that the Bates Method would be effective, I immediately returned the reading glasses. After taking Greg's 5 week course, I also set aside my driving glasses for nearly all circumstances. As a health care practitioner, I am thrilled to be able to highly recommend this terrific method!

Heather S.

I really enjoyed the workshop... and my life has changed since. I watched half a movie without glasses last night and just relaxed into it and sketched the whole time. I'm sketching everything/everywhere and I feel more relaxed in my life - as well as my eyes. I am in complete awareness of everything going on with how I see things and it's great. I'm excited to see how things keep progressing and I do have moments of clear vision without my contacts... makes sense - I have perfect vision and I'm not scared to see clearly. Yay!

Lisa N.

Portland, OR
I am doing very well with the information on the CD's. I was able to take my glasses off and leave them off because my prescription was fairly light and I feel like I'm seeing better. Eventually I will go to the DMV and take their eye test so I can hopefully get my eye correction off my driver's license!

Janine Wycoff

Yes, I really enjoyed the workshop. I am here at the library now checking my e-mail and wearing my pinhole glasses. Thanks again for a wonderfully organized and relaxing workshop and please pass along kudos to Laura, as well. You two make a great team!


I had a wonderful time at the workshop and enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks so much for all of the valuable tools and information. I enjoyed all the stories of successful vision improvement and learning new vision skills.

Brian K. Tecumseh

My wife and I have recently purchased your CD set through Mercola.com and have found it to be very wonderful and will work for our whole family. I have always felt that the eyes could take care of themselves and now I know how. I tried an eye exercise program, but it indeed was a workout for my eyes. Though some may have experienced vision improvement with such a program I did not feel it was going to do what it claimed for me. I am glad we came across your program.

Carol O.

I am 53 years old. Thanks to the techniques I learned in the workshop, I no longer need reading glasses.

Liz Day Perth

Western Australia

I thought I would just send you a quick email to let you know how I am progressing with your program. I have listened to all 7 hours of the program and am amazed at my progress. I am lucky that in Perth, Western Australia where I live, it's late Spring so no lack of clear skies and wonderful warm sunshine. The sunning has made a profound change in my life - you are talking about someone who wouldn't even put their nose out of the door without the sunglasses - glare had always been a problem - not so any more. I cannot believe how vibrant all the colours are without my glasses - it seems like a new world!! The sunglasses have been in their case for the last week!!

Palming is an absolute joy and wonderfully relaxing. In my spare time I do Reiki and Quantum Touch healing for friends and have great energy coming from my palms. I was so excited doing the pin hole exercise with my index finger. I COULD READ AGAIN NO BLUR!!

I had fantastic eyesight until my early forties when presbyopia started to kick in. I have used glasses ever since for reading small print and automatically thought I had lost this brilliant eye sight for good. Not the case. My gut feel always said - do not put contact lenses in your eyes so I am very pleased that I have always only used my glasses when necessary.

Today I had 2 clear cases of perfect vision which of course disappeared when I got so excited and the blur came back! That to me proves that I will succeed in my endeavour to regain my fabulous eyesight. I love your meditations, your soothing voice and your obvious patience and the way you have put all your knowledge together in this program.- well done!! I reckon in the last week I have stopped reaching for my glasses automatically and would be using them some 20% less than before. I am proud of my achievement and this is thanks to your wonderful program and method of teaching.

My gratitude to you Greg. If the following weeks are anything like this beginning - wow. Can't wait!! Warm regards and keep up the excellent work.

James Z.

Boulder, Colorado

My last prescription was -2.25 and -2.00 with slight astigmatism correction. My new prescription is -1.00 in both eyes. Feels amazing. I can see perfectly fine. I look forward to more improvement.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me in the workshop. I'll be in touch as my vision improves. Best,

John F.

Santa Monica, CA

I just finished listening to your CD set and I want to thank you for presenting this material in a clear and accessible way.

Margo A.

What an educational and fun weekend workshop Greg has for Vision Improvement! I attended his workshop in October 2005 and was empowered to improve my vision through specific techniques and activities. Instead of being frustrated and upset with poor vision, I now have learned many successful ways to improve not only my vision but also my health in general . Greg is a knowledgeable, hospitable and inspirational teacher. I am so grateful that he is bringing Vision Improvement information to all who desire to see clearly. The results are amazing!

Glen Fielding

Salem, Oregon

I enjoy and value your CD set. The content is intriguing and encouraging and, as you suggested, shares much in common with Yoga and meditation, which I practice. Your presentation style is clear, gently affirming, and effective. Thank you!

Carol P.


I have purchased your CD's and listened to all of them and practiced some of the techniques you describe and after 3 weeks discovered that my eyesight has improved from 2.5 and 2.25, to 2.0 and 1.75. I'm thrilled!

Amii Harmon

Ault, CO, Equine and outdoor sport photographer
For Lent I gave up my hardest addiction - glasses. Now, 6 months later I feel a deeper connection to myself and my world. At first I thought of glasses as an advantage - a way to see the world clearly and more colorfully. But after time, I became more and more dependent on them. They quickly got IN THE WAY of seeing the world the way I wanted to. The confidence they gave me turned into a dependency and a drag on my self esteem. One day I found myself stepping into the shower with them on! 

Without glasses I feel free, like I have wings. I am relearning to see. It has been a journey of discovery that stretches far beyond "how to train your eyes". In envelopes posture, stress release, focusing on one task at a time, movement, play, and adventure. The support and training has been very helpful and "eye opening." My ego and my spirit soar and nothing can stop me - midnight horse rides, here I come!

Trisha M.

From the first class on, I had a new awareness of my vision capabilities. Having worn glasses or contacts for over 35 years, I would even wear my glasses from my bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night! With Greg's suggestion, I started wearing my corrective lenses less and less. The first time I walked the dog without lenses was an amazing experience. I could see much more than I ever imagined. Max and I walk every morning now with "just my eyes" and love the freedom and relaxation I feel. I never would have trusted myself enough to do that without the realizations provided by Greg and the Natural Vision workshop.

The other big change I've made after Greg's classes is that I don't stare at people when they talk to me anymore. There is no reason to have to strain your eyes to let people know you are listening. Many of Greg's suggestions are really common sense and I just needed a guide. Thanks, Greg!

Stephen J.

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Greg's teaching style is fun and insightful, the workshop is enjoyable and gives us a new way to look at our vision challenges. He's helped me reduce eyestrain and improve my sight. Recently at a patio party I lost a lens from my glasses, so I tucked them into a safe place where I could fix them in daylight. I rejoined the party, which was engaged in some star-gazing, and was amazed when someone said "Look, there goes a satellite." I looked up and was able to see the satellite moving across the sky without my glasses.

Sejual Shah

Harpenden, England - Holistic Health Practitioner

I bought your ‘Secrets of regaining your vision naturally’ CD set from Mercola.com recently and am enjoying listening to the approaches you cover. I do definitely feel a good relaxation with daily palming. Thank you so much for the well-prepared materials in your package. My partner and I have found your soothing voice relaxing and conducive to resting our eyes without glasses whilst working with your programme. Kind regards,


Fort Collins, Colorado

I went to my eye exam yesterday. My optometrist was actually pretty ok & did listen to me. I told her that I felt my prescription was too strong & at the end of my exam my vision had increased either by just taking all of the exams differently or because of my natural vision journey. I'm sure it all played an effect. My old script was -4.25 & -5.5 & now it's -3.5 & -4.5. I was so excited. She also wrote the other prescriptions for me & now that I'm home with my 20/20 I want to try a 20/40 contact also. Anyway, thank you for your great workshop.

Tom F.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Just thought I'd let you know - I'm not dead. Busy at work as usual and too lazy to go out in the evening. My eyesight is better since taking your workshop and I thank you. I have entrained into my psyche that I do not, and will not, ever need glasses and so far -- all is well. Damn shame though - I look sooo cool in glasses! Maybe I should get some plain lenses for my frames. You know I just have to be a cool guy! Take it easy, Greg and have a good spring.

Lisa H.

Since taking your workshop, I would say that I have a new awareness of what creates my eye strain. It is the static eye stare along with my obsessive compulsive task orientated approach to my work. After taking your workshop, I began to realize that I needed to "look" at how I interact with my world. It became evident to me that it wasn't just about improving my vision, but a new perspective of openness, attention and awareness of habits that have caused my vision problems. With the new habits of increased blinking, eye palming, breathing deeply and movement, it not only brings a soothing relief to my eyes, but also to my attitude about how I get something done. I am still practicing, and at times find myself in the default mode of unconsciously staring at the computer, but I usually catch myself, rub the pressure points and blink a few times to bring myself back into the new habits and perspective that I am letting in.

Thanks again for all your time and attention to the workshop. I am really excited about the continued progress toward healthy eyes and clear vision with out glasses.

Patty Michaels

Boulder, Colorado

After attending Greg's vision improvement workshop, I started thinking about how I look at things. When I drive, I noticed that I fix my eyes and either stare at the car in front of me or shift and stare into the rear view mirror. I never glance around, at the mountains or to someone talking to me in the car. In fact, when I am riding with a friend (who does not wear glasses) and she looks at me while she is driving, it makes me very nervous. So on this particular Father's Day, I was driving and noticing my patterns and suddenly an old story popped into my mind. I was about 13, and I was riding in the car with my Dad. I saw something outside (I don't remember what) and I said, rather excitedly like a 13 year old might do, "Dad, look at that!". Well, my dad looked at "that" and while he was looking at "that", he hit another car. He started yelling at me, "Don't ever tell me to look at anything when I am driving. Look what happened, you should never look at anything else when you are driving but the car in front of you" (something like that, I am paraphrasing what I remember). Well, between the shock of the rear end collision (a minor one) and the loud reprimand I received, I took on the patterning of staring in a rather stressful way while driving.

Now, since I have both seen the origin of my pattern, and have learned in Greg's workshop other relaxed ways to see, it makes it much easier to practice a healthier way of seeing. Thank you, Greg, for so many "gems" of insights in the workshop. Much appreciated.


Denver, Colorado

It was fascinating to learn about the habits that cause eye strain, and verify that information for myself. Now, while working at my computer, I really notice when I revert to my old habits. It feels so much better with my new ways of relaxed continuous movement. Since the workshop, I don't wear my glasses while working at the computer any more.

Jane Q.

I was amazed when all of a sudden I was tangibly, but subtly, relating with my environment, rather than the “normal” sense of being somewhat removed from it. It resembled the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy opens the door to color. Greg has been supportive, honoring, articulate, and fun in leading our group of co-adventurers. I highly recommend this workshop!


Boise, Idaho

Bought your CD's thru Dr. Mercola. Have listened to them about 4 times through. Have noticed quite an improvement. Thanks.

Ashling K.


Thank you for your wonderful CD program. I will continue to do all the habits you mention on your CDs daily. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

Suzenn R.

This workshop has helped me in so many ways. My depth perception is much improved, especially at night. When I am driving I can sense traffic around me more easily, and I feel more relaxed waiting to make a turn in a busy intersection. Most of all I have learned to relax my eyes! My glasses are more like a tool now. I use them when I need them. I get more flashes of clear fused vision each day. The eyestrain headaches that plagued me for so long have almost totally ceased. When my eyes start burning at my work cutting hair, now I realize it’s because I’m staring and I’m not blinking. When I practice correct vision habits the burning goes away within a few minutes.

Not just my nearsightedness has changed - I feel my whole perspective has broadened. I enjoyed the class so much and felt that all of us really helped buoy each other in this process of relearning to see.

Tom R.

The vision workshop has taught me how to look without straining my eyes. I can now bring blurry text on the computer screen into focus by relaxing my eyes instead of squinting. Now, at the end of a long day of working at the computer I go home without a headache! I have also had periods of very clear vision that I haven't had since my early twenties. While hiking in the mountains and practicing the techniques learned in the workshop, I experienced a period of fifteen to twenty minutes of crystal clear vision. While attempting to locate a friend on the other side of a lake, everything came into focus. I could even see individual blades of grass at a distance. With continued exploration of the Bates method, I hope to make that vision improvement a permanent reality.