The Easy Way For Eyesight And Websites


Greetings! I am very happy to announce our new website. It marks a big change for me.

  • Letting go of self-hosting
  • Dropping "do-everything" software for simple hosted solutions
  • And, the simple individual solutions work well together!

The former myopic engineer has released a few more tentacles! As with eyesight, the way of ease seems more and more compelling.

I remember a few years ago when we stopped making our own booklets with all the many iterations to Kinko's copy center, making setups for stapling, and so much more... Finally I discovered that if we ordered a larger quantity of the booklets from an offset printing center, they would actually be cheaper besides saving a ton of time and complication. Even though I'd been impressed with how great our booklets looked, I have to admit the professional ones were a lot nicer.

Every part of this business seems to have a story like that. It was fun creating all these things. But wow everything got to be so complicated! I began to feel like Dr. Bates was tapping me on the shoulder every day asking, "Are you straining... to get things done?" Ah yes, the principles of clear eyesight really do mirror the principles of a clear approach to life.

Welcome to our new website! If you notice something we are missing or any problems we'd sure appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your continued interest in natural eyesight improvement!



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