Bates Method Webinar - Help For a Wide Range of Vision Conditions


[youtube]   This webinar is a great primer on the Bates Method of eyesight improvement. Dr. Bates originally found his "Bates Method" helpful for nearsightedness (or myopia). He then learned how to apply it to his own need for reading glasses (presbyopia). Then farsightedness, crossed eyes, astigmatism, etc. But even Dr. Bates was surprised to find it was also helpful for cataract, glaucoma, and other "eye diseases". Follow this 7 part webinar to learn how and why it works, and to begin applying the Bates Method for your own eyesight improvement. Each video includes a disclaimer, as this approach is not medical and does not replace licensed medical support for any eye problem, diagnosis, or treatment. Rather, it shows you how to apply the astonishing power of relaxation and breaking poor vision habits such as staring. A great mix of the principles, stories, and instruction.


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