Best Yet EFT "Tapping" Video


If you feel doubtful or skeptical about EFT "Tapping", this video by one of the world's leading natural health care doctors will give you a fresh perspective. I use EFT whenever feasible with clients to help dissolve emotional blocks to seeing clearly. Then the Bates Method techniques can be more immediately effective.

Dr. Joseph Mercola includes eyesight improvement in this Q&A video, and his website sells our CD program, "Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally".

How do you proceed if you want to use EFT to improve your eyesight? You can find a regular EFT practitioner and ask them to address your eyesight issues. Or you can contact me or someone who is trained in our Vision Coaching Program, where EFT is an integral part of the training. Also I am in the process of creating an EFT-for-Eyesight program which should be available in a video format by this Fall. Stay tuned for that!

Meantime enjoy this excellent video by Dr. Mercola. It doesn't tell you how to do EFT but it gives you a rationale to help you believe it can work for you. As Dr. Mercola points out in the video it works best if you can set aside skepticism. This is the perfect video to open your mind to EFT possibilities! [youtube] This excellent Q&A video includes a question about using EFT for Eyesight Improvement


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