A Breakthrough From Not-Knowing


We had some wonderful breakthroughs at our recent Vision Coach Training in LA. One person dissolved a two-year hell with "Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania", which in her case meant awful pain behind one eye that wouldn't go away.

In such a case, a specialist might properly suggest massage, exercise, meditation, diet, supplements, or (according to Wikipedia) a drug such as Indometacin or Lamotrigine. But "knowing" such answers may have precluded the breakthrough.

Instead, we used the approach of NOT-knowing, of waiting patiently for insights more powerful and creative to emerge, rather than blurting out logical solutions.

One of the Training participants and I had a good chuckle later when she said she could hardly keep from interrupting to suggest several "known" solutions. Her ideas were natural, thoughtful and excellent. Yet, she was completely blown away by the immediate healing that arose from waiting and not-knowing. She laughed and made a zipper motion across her mouth.

The beauty of being a "coach" is that your client signs a waiver acknowledging their responsibility to be under proper medical care. Happily this leaves the coach to simply help the client explore ways to de-stress, relax, and reclaim their life.

The person with the longstanding pain had a very high prescription for nearsightedness. According to Dr. Bates this means mean longstanding tight muscles all through the head, neck, shoulders, and chest. In the quote at the beginning of this email, Dr. Bates says "much ingenuity" is often required to find the solution, to let finally go and relax. I've come to believe that not-knowing helps foster that ingenuity.

We used EFT tapping, which can be a great help for turning off the gotta-fix-it-now compulsive mind. We tapped as a group, and together created a magic mix of safety, trust and optimism. The woman who dissolved two years of severe eye-related pain was a fearless explorer. She had some pivotal insights. She was so happy when she realized her pain was gone! We all were happy.

There are many explanations of how and why EFT tapping works. It a great tool. But a backdrop of care, patience, and a spirit of exploration can greatly magnify the outcome. Try it with not-knowing as well!


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