Holidays: A Concentrated Time To Heal Emotions And Eyesight



As we move through the holidays I feel sad about how much our family has shrunk in the past two years. Both my youngest sister and mother have passed on. This time of year seems to magnify feelings of every sort!

We should be kind to ourselves over the holidays. It's a time to be with friends and loved ones. And yet, some of our friends and loved ones may have passed on. Or for reasons beyond our control, they may be estranged from us. Or they (or we) may be going through other difficulties.

I am amazed at how much eyesight can be affected by emotional loss or by situations that somehow just could not be resolved. Almost everyone I've worked with who had an "eye disease" (cataract, glaucoma, macular problem, etc.) has come to realize that some kind of emotional upheaval happened a few months or a year or two before they were diagnosed.

For instance the mother who felt she lost her son to his new wife who sought to exclude her. A man who felt betrayed by his brother in the family business. A mother who had suddenly learned of her son's death in a motorcycle accident. Each of these examples had preceded an eye "disease", and each of these people reversed or partly reversed the condition when they were able to loosen their grip on the emotional event that preceded it.

Yes, we used EFT "tapping" and the Bates Method, etc. in the above cases. But underneath all the techniques I think that simple awareness was the raw principle involved. Neither shoving things under the rug nor over-indulging in past hurts. Just simply, steadily, and kindly melting through those hurts.

Christmas and various other holiday celebrations at this time seem to magnify feelings, both the disappointed ones and the joyful ones. Emotions can become very strong. I think we can harness this time of concentrated energy to heal relationships and heal ourselves, including eyesight of course! Be kind to yourself and if any holiday blues arise, see if you can let at least some of it be washed away. Relax, breathe, and move, just like Dr. Bates said to do. Your eyes will thank you!

I wish you rich and meaningful holidays.



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