New Online Appointment System For Vision Coaching


We just launched a new online appointment system for Natural Vision Coaching sessions. It will be especially helpful for keeping track if you buy a package of several sessions. Here is how it works:

  1. Register so you can view openings and make appointments.
  2. Buy one or more "credits" for appointments (or choose a time first).
  3. Receive a confirmation email, plus 24-hour and 2-hour email reminders.
  4. The system tracks remaining credits. Add more at any time.

As before you can email as much background info as you like, and I will read it before our Vision Coaching session to help us get an efficient start. You may just want a 30 minute session to help you get started or answer some questions. Or a 60 or 90 minute session to go deeper into Bates techniques. I often use guided visualizations to help feel the strain in your eyes, and may include EFT "tapping" if a person is open to it.

Remember this is a wellness coaching approach! I have no training or ability to diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical conditions. The wellness approach involves relaxing and revitalizing your eyes in whatever ways you can discover, to allow natural healing to occur.

I am expecting the new appointment system will let me spend a bit more time as a Natural Vision Improvement Coach and Bates Method Teacher, and a bit less time juggling schedules. Hopefully it will be nicer for those of you who are making appointments, too!

Imagine clarity,


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