9 Year Old Chloe Teaches You To Improve Your Eyesight - Video


[youtube]https://youtu.be/A5ppbBGvFeI   This is one of the most inspiring videos I've seen about how to improve your eyesight! (And I've seen many.) I first met Chloe and her mom on Skype for Vision Coaching when Chloe was 8 years old. Her mom lived and breathed alternative health approaches, and had resisted glasses for her daughter even though she could only see the board in class if she sat in front.

Chloe got a taste of better eyesight in that first session. But several months passed before we met again on Skype. This time we agreed to meet for five weekly sessions, and I could see that Chloe was really taking personal charge of her eyesight project. She was super-confident and a quick study.

After the fourth session she was seeing much more clearly and really wanted to teach and help others, so she got her mom to shoot and edit this video.She mentions in the video she is reading the 20/20 row, and the next row (20/15) is a bit blurry. For perspective, the chart is 30 percent smaller in size to fit on standard paper (it's also a couple of feet closer than the official 20 feet). Adjusting for those factors, she's seeing even better than 20/20.

Her enthusiasm is irresistible, and I bet you'll find her suggestions really helpful!


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