How To Achieve Permanent Vision Improvement


This short article originally appeared in Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight Magazine with the title "Permanent Improvement". Many people have achieved reliable long-term eyesight improvement. However, many get substantial improvement but reach a plateau, and many get to "perfect" vision which comes and goes somewhat. This article is a simple reminder that our mind and vision must experience a feeling of movement at all times, in order to have a relaxed mind and clear vision. - gm

How to Get Permanent Eyesight Improvement By Dr. William H. Bates

MANY patients find that while it is easy for them to obtain a temporary improvement in their sight by palming a sufficient length of time or by other methods, they do not seem to hold it permanently. In this connection it is well to remember that the normal eye with normal sight can only maintain normal sight permanently by consciously or unconsciously practicing the slow, short, easy swing. [Just a tiny swing of the head, neck, and eyes, usually done as a very slight, pleasing rotation left and right. It's hard to do this and hold the breath! - gm]

When the normal eye has imperfect sight it can always be demonstrated that the swing stops from an effort. When the normal eye has normal sight, the eyes are at rest and all the nerves of the body feel comfortable. When the swing stops, one always feels more or less uncomfortable. To have perfect sight can only be obtained easily, without effort.

To have imperfect sight always requires a strain or an effort which stops the swing. Near-sighted patients who have normal vision for reading at the near point become able, when their attention is called to it, to demonstrate that they are more comfortable when reading the fine print than they are when they fail to see distant objects perfectly.

One of the great benefits of the drifting swing [a sort of random continuous visual swing, perhaps something like a beach ball filled with helium bouncing down a hill - gm] is the comfortable relaxed feeling it brings. The retinoscope always shows that the eye is not near-sighted when no effort is made. Persons with imperfect sight should imitate the eye with normal sight by practicing a perfect memory, a perfect imagination, a perfect swing, without effort, with perfect comfort all the time that they are awake. As I have said before many times, it is a good thing to know what is the matter with you because it makes it possible to correct it.  


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