Webinar - Eyesight Improvement - Sign-Up

March 6, 2002

Experience Various Doorways into Improving your Eyesight:

  • A whole new sense of how to “relax” your eyes and mind
  • Powerful vision activator techniques
  • Hidden “secrets” of the amazing Bates Method
  • An EFT “tapping” approach to help let go of old patterns
  • Affirmations to accelerate your progress
  • How to get reduced prescriptions with your eye doctor
  • Learn which vision techniques work best for You
  • Find where you hold strain and how to let it go
  • Guided visualizations to take into your sleep
  • Encouraging “flashes” of clearer sight
  • Trust in your vision and a clear sense of how to proceed
  • Absorb techniques and feel them at a deep level

Typical Comments:

“It helps so much to have the support of a group, all working towards the same goal, and Greg’s warmth, humor and insight make the class special. His method is not a series of exercises — it is a gentle path to learning a new way of being.”

“A perfect mix of inspiration and practical techniques. I have proven to myself I can get rid of reading glasses. This faith in my eyes is a real breakthrough.”

“I have only used my glasses for driving since the workshop. I am seeing much more clearly and expect to pass my next drivers license test without glasses.”