Workshop - Improve Your Eyesight

UPDATE - We are making some great improvements to our website, courses, coaching, and community! Workshops will be back in 2023.

 Vision Improvement Workshop
Apr 25-26, 2020 - Ft Collins, Colorado

Learn where you hold visual strain and how you can let it go

  • Discover how to truly “relax” your eyes and mind
  • Learn powerful vision activator techniques
  • Explore the “secrets” of the amazing Bates Method
  • Learn a simplified EFT “tapping” approach to help dissolve strain
  • Craft affirmations to accelerate your progress
  • Learn ways to work with your eye doctor for reduced prescriptions
  • Experience the power of guided visualizations to improve your sight
  • Be encouraged by “flashes” of clearer sight
  • Learn why you must trust in your vision for it to improve
  • Integrate ideas and techniques and feel them at a deep level
  • Leave the workshop knowing which vision techniques work best for you

Typical Comments:

“It helps so much to have the support of a group, all working towards the same goal, and Greg’s warmth, humor and insight make the class special. His method is not a series of exercises — it is a gentle path to learning a new way of being.”

“A perfect mix of inspiration and practical techniques. I have proven to myself I can get rid of reading glasses. This faith in my eyes is a real breakthrough.”

“I have only used my glasses for driving since the workshop. I am seeing much more clearly and expect to pass my next drivers license test without glasses.”

Natural Eyesight Improvement Workshop FAQ

What eyesight conditions are appropriate for the workshop?
The most common successes are with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (reading glasses after middle age). Once you understand the Bates Model that strain causes vision problems you will realize that the same principles of relaxing the involved part of the mind, neck, shoulders, back, and of course the eyes, apply to many conditions. Some people have found improvements with eye conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. However, this is not a medical approach and makes no claim to treat or cure any disease. Please refer to our disclaimer at this link

If I already have the Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally program will I learn new things at the workshop?
Yes! The interactive workshop adds these important dimensions that an audio program cannot convey:

  • Things will “click” for you as you hear and see the same principles expressed in creative new ways.
  • Learn fun and meditative movements that will help awaken your eyes.
  • Enjoy the synergy with others who believe in natural approaches and are successfully improving their vision.
  • Great visual aids and props will help you “get it” in new ways.
  • Includes other techniques that can’t really be covered on the CD’s.

Is this workshop for beginners or more advanced?
Both! The natural vision approach must be absorbed rather than conquered. If you have no previous experience with the Bates Method and natural vision improvement you will have a relaxing, inspiring weekend and get a great running start on improving your own eyesight. If you have already been applying these principles, the workshop is a perfect setting to go deeper into subtleties for better clarity and a more “dynamically relaxed” approach to your life. Many participants typically have had experience and success with other self healing modalities as well. It’s an inspiring group setting.

I am very shy in groups.
You’ll immediately feel a sense of care and respect at the workshop. Greg is skilled at creating a setting of trust and safety. It is important to feel safe while you explore the blurry world out there. Letting go of visual strain can sometimes release emotions including fear, if the strain has held those emotions in check for many years. The workshop is filled with fun activities too, which helps dissolve any discomfort.

Should I leave off my glasses/contacts for the whole weekend?
If you have a high prescription you may want to keep your glasses handy, but live on the edge of wearing them as little as possible. If your glasses are not very strong you’ll do fine without them. Do what feels interesting and comfortable. Do not drive without glasses if they are a condition of your drivers license.

Describe the workshop setting and tone.
The workshops include a magic mix of brief theory, activities to explore and befriend Bates Method techniques, movement activities, guided visualizations, and frequent short breaks. Workshops tend to attract people who are open-minded, some with experience and confidence in naturally healing their own major illnesses. Greg is skilled at keeping things moving, while allowing ample time for questions and discussion. The overall tone of the workshop is relaxed yet very activated. Greg believes that a few skeptical questions can be a good catalyst, but he strongly encourages participants to dive in and put the linear, calculating part of the mind aside for the weekend.

Lodging and Travel.
If you are flying into Denver, it's a bit over an hour to drive to the hotel in Fort Collins. Most people take the Groome shuttle, formerly GreenRide. They can drop and pick up at the hotel. We have discounted rooms at the Best Western University Inn in Fort Collins, the same location as the workshop. Click here to book online. Or call by phone +1 970-484-1984 and ask for the "BetterEyesightNow" group rate. It's a great location across from CSU and a short walk to Old Town, with many great restaurants of every type.

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