Vision Coach Training & Certification

Become Confident and Certified as a Natural Vision Coach -- watch for next training session starting September, 2022

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The Vision Coach Training Program tends to attract a rich mix of people with strong beliefs in natural healing. The classes are typically a mix of practitioners (we've even had four MD's!), people eager to become Natural Vision Coaches or add Vision Coaching to their mix, and others who just want to improve their own eyesight and help family members.

The "buddy coaching" we do with fellow students is much more than just an exercise. For most participants the buddy coaching brings a great opportunity to take a fresh look at their lives, and more clarity about what they want to do (and "see") next. Of course, the clarity of purpose is a great metphor for clarity of vision! After the buddy coaching you will be surprised at how confident and successful you will feel with your "practice clients".

Greg Marsh is an engaging presenter who takes care to maintain a safe setting where people can have a rich mix of ideas and learn from each other. Each each group has a unique mix of expertise and knowledge, and to learn, we'll go a bit off the trail together sometimes. But we'll keep coming back to the rich understanding we seek of the Bates Method and complimentary tools. Greg's teaching style is fun and unhurried, yet we'll cover a lot and end classes on schedule.

The core of what we will learn and explore together is the Bates Method of improving eyesight through relaxation, movement, and awareness. The Vision Coach Training will include three other tools that Greg finds incredibly helpful: EFT "tapping", guided visualization, and a simple-but-powerful coaching approach.

Some people are doubtful about EFT at first. "It didn't work for me." You certainly don't have to include EFT in your personal "toolbox", but most participants will find a surprising success with it and likely become fond of it. Guided visualization is likewise more simple and powerful than you might expect. Finally, we use a powerful uncomplicated coaching approach to help us tune in to what clients really want and need.

Yes, we will meet on zoom. Although we have in the past had our first few days of each training in person, we have adapted to the new reality of Zoom. Greg has been using platforms like Webex and Zoom for several years, and is amazed at how well a thoughtful group of humans can "connect" on video. Also, we will make good use of "breakout rooms" in smaller groups, so everyone gets to speak and share more.

If you have questions please feel free to call at 970-391-7957, or we can set up a zoom meeting. I promise it is not my mission to sell you on taking the Training, but rather to help you find out if it feels like a "fit". -- Greg Marsh

Schedule -- Next Vision Coach Training Starts September, 2022
Exact dates will be available soon

You can use this 2021 schedule as an example of the approximate number,  frequency, and length of classes. The 2022 Vision Coach Training will start in early September, 2022. Exact dates will be available soon. Classes will probably have a start time of 11am EST because it is convenient for both North America and Europe. The 2022 training will again be fully online.

  • Europe-friendly class times - latest end time is 8:30 pm CET
  • 22 Tues-Thurs classes March 23 - June 1 -- 3.5 hours each. Core learning and practice of Bates Method, Coaching, EFT, visualizations.
    (Buddy Coaching also during these weeks) -- Classes are 11:00 am - 2:30 pm EST
  • 7 Tues classes June 8 - July 20 -- 2 hours each. For review, discussion, and support as practice coaching proceeds.
    (with Practice Coaching outside the group) -- Classes are 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
  • 2 more wrap-up classes, Aug 3, Aug 17 -- 2 hours each.
    (wrapping up Practice Coaching outside the group) -- Classes are 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST
  • All classes will be recorded. Attend every class if possible for optimal hands-on training. It is okay to miss up to 4 classes but please watch videos.
  • Overall program is approximately 5 months. All participants are encouraged to complete all practice coaching within that timeframe.
  • Optional/Ongoing -- Monthly "Vision Coach Check-in Meetings. All grads are invited to this free monthly Zoom meeting. Get to know folks from previous trainings and keep yourself inspired to be a successful Natural Vision Improvement Coach. Class members are invited starting February, 2021.
  • Feel free to contact Greg Marsh for questions or help before, during, or after the training.

A perfect learning mix of live video classes, online self-learning modules, "buddy coaching" with classmates, and practice coaching with actual clients:

  1. Learn principles and techniques of the amazing Bates Method 
  2. Become familiar with EFT “tapping” and guided visualization
  3. Get experience and confidence with online video coaching
  4. Focus on your preferred demographics - children, teens, adults, seniors, etc.
  5. Give and receive powerful buddy coaching with your classmates. For most participants the Vision Coach Training becomes a powerful time to clarify what they want at this point in their lives, and to start making those shifts.
  6. Gain further confidence with 15 practice client sessions 
    You can exchange sessions for an intro class, etc.
  7. Receive CEU’s if you need them for other certifications
  8. Become certified as a Natural Vision Improvement Coach
  9. Stay involved with monthly Vision Coach Check-in's and our new forum

Testimonial from a Vision Coach Training Grad:

Vision Coach Training Grad Describes her Background & Approach

Overview of Vision Coach Training by Greg Marsh, Instructor:
(Note that the March 2021 Training is fully online)


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