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1. F.A.Q.’s — Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most common questions about Natural Eyesight Improvement.
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B. Printable PDF’s:

1. Eye Charts – Post eye charts where you spend time — your workspace, kitchen TV area, etc. Read the eye chart with good vision habits for a few seconds whenever you remember. Get excited as you see new letters clear up. Guessing is okay! This is how the visual mind really works, guessing till it gets a good fit.
•   Good basic charts for near and far, click here to download and print
•   Print free eye charts from www.i-see.org or www.central-fixation.com
•   For a full size chart with very bold & sharp letters, purchase a professional style eye chart

2. Progress Tracker – Use a progress chart until your new habits are intact. They help instill a sense of progress and positive reinforcement for even small changes. This chart is a two week Vision Activity Log which includes all the activities listed in the guidebook.Record how long you do each activity or check off. Another option is to simply make check-marks in a pocket-size spiral notebook every time you remember to sketch or drop your shoulders. Notice and appreciate small changes, and the big changes will come!
Printable PDF click here for vision activity log 

3.  Bookmark – print this page of four bookmarks on card stock or other nice paper, or design your own with reminder messages you find useful. Each time you reach the bookmark pause and feel relaxed vision habits, then place the bookmark a few pages ahead. Notice as your habits change and your close vision improves.
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C. Additional Support from BetterEyesightNow.com:

1. Free Audio Archives and Inspiring Articles
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2. Personal Vision Coaching
By phone or Skype. Personal support and encouragement for your vision improvement.
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If you have a simple question not answered in the FAQ please contact us through our contact page. For more detailed questions or support a personal vision coaching session is recommended.

3. Workshops and Trainings
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Weekend Workshops, Natural Vision Coach Training and Certification

4. Other CD Programs
Check out other vision CD programs created by Greg Marsh, on our website. Continue this amazing journey of relaxing the mind and vision. Remind your eyes, brain, neck, & shoulders and entire being how to truly let go.

D. Other Techniques and Tools:

1. EFT “Tapping” Technique
As people delve into natural vision improvement they often discover that underlying negative beliefs are holding them back. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy-to-learn “energy medicine” approach that can help you dissolve emotional “cellular memories”, so your eyes feel safe to see clearly again.
Link to original EFT website Also check out the wonderful follow-along YouTube EFT videos, and improvise.

2. Repeating Timer – A timer that automatically repeats can be such a great help to establishing a new habit. We offer our favorite timer (pictured at left) on our website. It clips onto clothes or fits in a pocket and can be set to vibrate or beep.  Other links below include the delightful “Zen timer”, the classic “ModivAider”, and a free downloadable zen timer for your computer. Each of them provides an adjustable automatic Set it at an interval you find helpful – we suggest a repeat of 15-60 minutes. When you turn it on, be sure to respond to it every time!

  • Today you can probably find an app for your smart phone, for free or $1.99. Search for “repeating timer” or “workout timer” or similar.
  • Or, very simple and classic, $59.50 MotivAider
  • Elegant look and sound, $99.95 zen clock
  • For your computer, free, zen chime software

3. Laser Pointer – use a laser pointer for easy, relaxed sketching and shifting to keep your eyes moving. Buy one that takes two-AAA batteries to cast a stronger beam and last longer. (The short ones with watch batteries can only sustain about a one-minute burst.) Laser pointers are great for “sketching” an eye chart. Look at Office Depot, search on amazon.com or eBay, look at ratings, pay a bit more to be sure you get one that will last.

4. Pinhole Glasses – a fun way to get clearer vision without the strain of glasses. They help you let go of habits of”trying” to see and allow your visual system to relax. Use pinholes for watching TV,going to the movies, and for reading. Try them at your computer.

We offer the “navigator” style of pinhole glasses. They are a bit ugly, but they are high quality with wires cast within the ear pieces for good fit adjustment. Our pinholes have smaller holes which are almost impossible to find, and provide much more clarity if you have a high prescription. The cheaper pinholes (ebay, etc.) have bigger holes which are not useful unless you have a low prescription. Please let us know if you find the perfect source of better looking pinholes!
Link for our $19.95 pinholes

5. Rebounder (mini-trampoline) – great to activate oppositional movement in your vision and relax your whole body.Heavy duty models have much stronger springs for a gentler, deeper jump and better results. Greg jumped on the cheaper sports store variety for years, went through about ten of them as the springs failed, and was thrilled to discover the better units. You can also get a similar movement bouncing on a exercise ball, below.

Our favorite, which we sell at the lowest price the manufacturer allows, is the Needak Soft-Bounce

6. Journal Writing – Daily writing in a journal can help you gain awareness of where and how you are holding strain, and assist you in the process of releasing emotions that may surface while you are improving your vision. In the morning, write down your vision intention and in the evening write at least one positive thing that you noticed about your vision. This will help you look at your vision in an encouraging way.

7. Ball Games of Any Sort – Movement, play and laughter help relax your visual system. Try playing with a large exercise ball, or a soft foam ball to activate movement, relax your body and get you out of your head.These large soft balls are easy and safe to catch no matter how blurry your world may be. Even if you are extremely nearsighted, these soft balls will enable you to be playful without your glasses. Your sight will almost certainly be clearer after 10 minutes of rambunctious play with friends. You can also sit on the exercise ball at your computer to keep your body relaxed and in motion.

8. A Mirror– use to check your forehead,eyebrows and eyelids for signs of tension. At the same time, feel if your posture is good and neck and shoulders are relaxed. After a while you’ll be able to feel when you are tense without looking in a mirror. A more techie approach could be to video yourself working at the computer and objectively watch it later. You may be surprised in a way that will motivate change.