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How and where to buy pinhole glasses.

We are not currently offering pinhole glasses for sale. However, the following information can help you find what you need on other websites:

  • Smaller-hole pinhole glasses, which are helpful for stronger prescriptions. Unfortunately, our source in Taiwan has closed its factory. We only offered pinhole glasses because these particular smaller-hole pinholes were quite hard to find, and they were ideal in so many ways. (Especially the dull non-reflective finish and the embedded wire bend-to-fit earpieces.) We've included Ebay links below for some alternative pinhole glasses that seem from their photos to have the smaller hole size appropriate for people with higher prescription glasses.

  • Larger-hole pinhole glasses, which are helpful for mild or moderate prescriptions. We've also decided not to re-stock the larger-hole pinhole glasses. They're easy to find and they've become quite cheap on Ebay over time. We can't match the price, so I would rather point you to Ebay sources. All of the larger-hole pinhole glasses are made at the same few factories in China. And honestly, all of the various styles tend to be good quality.


  • Smaller hole pinholes on Ebay for stronger prescriptions: $8.28 incl free shipping from US --

  • Larger hole pinholes (more common) on Ebay for milder prescriptions: $6.74 incl free shipping from US --

  • The above links are just examples. Find a style that appeals. Almost all models have the larger holes best for lower strength. See if you can tell which ones have larger or smaller holes by comparing photos on the above links

  • Notes: You can find cheaper pinholes that ship directly from China, but they take longer. You can also find pinhole glasses on amazon but usually, at much higher prices for the exact same product you will find on Ebay.
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