Holidays: A Concentrated Time To Heal Emotions And Eyesight



As we move through the holidays I feel sad about how much our family has shrunk in the past two years. Both my youngest sister and mother have passed on. This time of year seems to magnify feelings of every sort!

We should be kind to ourselves over the holidays. It's a time to be with friends and loved ones. And yet, some of our friends and loved ones may have passed on. Or for reasons beyond our control, they may be estranged from us. Or they (or we) may be going through other diff…

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True Relaxation - What Is It?


First published by William B. MacCracken, M. D.
as a chapter in "Normal Sight Without Glasses"

We often hear the word Relaxation. With most it is little more than a joke. To the thoughtful, it is something they are trying to learn about. They have realized that it is of vital importance. They know that it must be mental. Tersely it means: Be yourself, at your own best, deliberate but alert, confident and expectant, but without abnormal tension, conscious that you are relying on the m…

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How Stress Affects Eyesight


The following is an original chapter from Dr William H Bates' book, Perfect Eyesight without Glasses.
A more popular and abridged version is available today as "Better Eyesight Without Glasses".

By William. H. Bates, M. D.

TEMPORARY conditions may contribute to the strain to see which results in the production of errors of refraction; but its foundation lies in wrong habits of thought. In attempting to relieve it the physician has continually to …

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New Online Appointment System For Vision Coaching


We just launched a new online appointment system for Natural Vision Coaching sessions. It will be especially helpful for keeping track if you buy a package of several sessions. Here is how it works:

  1. Register so you can view openings and make appointments.
  2. Buy one or more "credits" for appointments (or choose a time first).
  3. Receive a confirmation email, plus 24-hour and 2-hour email reminders.
  4. The system tracks remaining credits. Add more at any time.

As before you can email as much back…

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Why Are Some Things Clearer Than Others?


A blurry/clear picture. You may find this article by Dr. Bates helpful in explaining inconsistent clarity you experience in different settings. For example, if you suspect your computer is a "pessimum" as described below, perhaps there is an opportunity for you to change your reactions to it and improve your sight.

Seeing Clarity within Blur

The Ability to See Some Agreeable Objects Clearly

Originally published in the book "Perfect Sight without Glasses"
by William H. Bates, in the chapter "O…

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Relax Your Vision In Five Minutes


Try This Right Now:
Relax Your Vision in 5 Minutes

The heart of the Bates Method is getting your frozen vision to move again, to replace staring with relaxed easy shifting of your attention. Your perfect-sighted friend does this naturally. Get a taste of how profound this difference can be:

Look at your computer monitor or another object you view often during the day. Notice if you are staring or “spacing out”.

Gently, easily let your visual attention shift every second. Look at very distinct…

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Instant Eyesight Cure For 55 Year Old Man


Although instant cures are rare, it is fascinating and probably helpful to be teased by them. Let this story into your imagination and see what your creative mind can absorb from it!

Dr. Bates and his patient are using memory and imagination as primary tools to accomplish this quick and permanent recovery of both distance and close vision. From the September 1919 issue of Better Eyesight Magazine. -gm

By William H. Bates, M. D.

Patients often ask how long it takes to …

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The Easy Way For Eyesight And Websites


Greetings! I am very happy to announce our new website. It marks a big change for me.

  • Letting go of self-hosting
  • Dropping "do-everything" software for simple hosted solutions
  • And, the simple individual solutions work well together!

The former myopic engineer has released a few more tentacles! As with eyesight, the way of ease seems more and more compelling.

I remember a few years ago when we stopped making our own booklets with all the many iterations to Kinko's copy center, making setu…

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What The Bates Method Entails


Improve Your Sight Naturally
by Greg Marsh, Certified Natural Vision Teacher

Article from Health Central News, 11/1/05

Imagine going through your day seeing clearly without glasses or surgery. Many thousands of people have reduced their prescription or stopped wearing glasses altogether using natural methods. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other conditions have been helped.

Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, was going blind and reading Braille when he met a “Bates Met…

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Improve Your Eyesight Naturally with the Bates Method - Live Q&A


[youtube]   A video webinar from Sept 2014 includes live questions and discussion about extreme nearsightedness, strabismus, Dr. Bates' ideas about eye diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, reading glasses, astigmatism, etc. An informal and inspiring webinar. Learn how to make the Bates Method work for your eyesight condition.

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