Can You Improve Your Sight?


Is Eyesight Really Off Limits for Healing?
By Greg Marsh, CNVT

Originally published in Halcyon Connection, Dec 2004

"Broken bones heal. Burns and cuts heal. Stomach aches get better. Are we to believe that eyesight, the most important sense perception we have, and one that has evolved over millions of years, is the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself?" - From Relearning to See, by Thomas Quackenbush

I grew up thinking my extreme nearsightedness was genetic, that contact lenses…

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Breaking Medical Models


"Medically Impossible" Vision Improvement
Observed by Respected Scientists
By Greg Marsh, CNVT

This article originally appeared on

This story was amazing for two reasons. First, it reported vision improvement at middle age that was considered impossible by medical science. And second, it was refreshing to hear a great scientist rethink some of the observations and conclusions that had won him a Nobel Prize.

Dr. Susan Barry, a neuroscientist herself, was able to see with 3-D stereo…

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Stunning Improvements In Vision With Simple Postural Changes


Dr. Bates was on the constant lookout for simple and natural ways to improve the sight, and he often made suggestions about matters such as diet, posture, breathing, and spending time outdoors. This article from the Better Eyesight Magazines shows his admiration for the Greek ideal of balanced posture and movement.

Examples show the benefit of simple postural changes upon high nearsightedness, night blindness, and retinitis pigmentosa.

A Lesson From the Greeks
By William H. Bates, M.D.

The fa…

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A Child's Quick Success With Natural Vision Improvement


An inspiring story about a 10 year old girl showing the importance of faith, enthusiasm, imagination, and joy. Dr. Bates particularly emphasizes the power of imagination with centralization, imagining that one tiny part of an object is more clear. She "got it" about natural vision principles in an remarkably short time, and it completely stunningly changed her whole life.

From July 1922 Better Eyesight Magazine.

By William. H. Bates, M. D.

Just what, in simple words, is Ce…

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Holiday Fairies Steal Glasses!


George Guild wrote several stories for Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight Magazines. Each of his stories helps a person get away from stressed and linear thinking. Without any explanation, his stories conveyed visual relaxation and joy in moving and seeing, that is so essential to our clear eyesight. This delightful story has a holiday theme. The original title was "Christmas Fairies" -gm

Holiday Fairies Take Glasses
By George Guild

Yes, he was very unhappy. The rich man with all is wealth lived alone…

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Another Look Into Relaxation


Read this article for clues about the wonderful riddle of how to relax the mind and the vision. The author discovered on her own that speech problems were often related to vision problems. After she read Dr. Bates' book she was able to stop using bifocals herself, and made exciting new progress as a speech teacher. She trained with with Dr. Bates and realized the Bates Method was an incredibly effective way to attain relaxation. She also noted unprecedented joy and progress with her students. Th…

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How To Practice To Improve Your Sight


One of the perpetual questions to Dr. Bates was, "How much should I practice?" He answered this and similar questions many times in his "Better Eyesight" magazine issues. Here are two of his responses. They originally titled "Practicing" (Oct 1922) and "Time for Practice" (Jan 1928). Although his answer that we should practice "all the time" sounds extreme at first, we soon realize that Bates is talking about leading a relaxed, natural, enthusiastic, and enjoyable life that just happens to suppo…

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Concentration - Strain On The Mind, Bad For Vision


This article from Dr. William H. Bates' Better Eyesight Magazines was originally titled "Concentration". It includes two wonderful examples of Dr. Bates' patients suddenly "getting it", that concentration with an immobilized stare makes the vision and everything else function more poorly. This kind of breakthrough in understanding is a great help to improving the eyesight. -gm

Concentration - Strain on the Mind, Bad for Vision
By William H. Bates, M.D.

THE dictionary defines concentration to b…

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Simple Ways To Get More From Palming


The article below from Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazines gives refreshing examples of using imagery with palming. This articles shows Dr. Bates’ boundless interest and creativity in finding what works for each of his patients. I’ve added comments in brackets to help tie his comments to common approaches by modern-day Natural Vision Teachers. –gm

By W H. Bates, M.D.

By palming is meant that the eyes are covered with the palms of one or both hands with the eyes closed. The object of p…

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Palming Requires Letting Go


Explore these five points and enrich your understanding of palming.
This short article by Dr. Bates is taken from the Better Eyesight Magazines.
[My comments in brackets provide some additional perspective. – gm]

Original name of article: Demonstrate: Palming

[Dr. Bates is suggesting that we demonstrate the following experiences of palming to ourselves, so we can discover more effective palming. - gm]

1. That palming improves the sight. When both eyes are closed and covered with one or both h…

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