9 Year Old Chloe Teaches You To Improve Your Eyesight - Video


[youtube]   This is one of the most inspiring videos I've seen about how to improve your eyesight! (And I've seen many.) I first met Chloe and her mom on Skype for Vision Coaching when Chloe was 8 years old. Her mom lived and breathed alternative health approaches, and had resisted glasses for her daughter even though she could only see the board in class if she sat in front.

Chloe got a taste of better eyesight in that first session. But several months passed before…

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Play More, See Better


Photo from Oct 3-4 Workshop in Chicago

A few years back I was playing with my young nephew and decided to play as much as I possibly could at his level. We were playing tag with a large inflated ball. I swooped him up in kind of bear hug with the ball in his arms and ran all around the back yard with him dangling in front of me.

I just did whatever made him laugh the most, which of course was lots of movement in every direction. The ball was always right in front of us and our game was to foll…

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Make Your Eyesight Improvement Permanent Rather Than Temporary



It is fairly easy to see more clearly with constant practice of the Bates Method techniques, but how do we win back the natural ease of seeing clearly permanently?

Logically it is easy to achieve long-lasting clear eyesight: simply retrain the body and mind back to their natural state of relaxation and ease. However, the habits of poor vision may be deeply rooted requiring some very creative attention. (Not a lot of "effo…

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Best Yet EFT "Tapping" Video


If you feel doubtful or skeptical about EFT "Tapping", this video by one of the world's leading natural health care doctors will give you a fresh perspective. I use EFT whenever feasible with clients to help dissolve emotional blocks to seeing clearly. Then the Bates Method techniques can be more immediately effective.

Dr. Joseph Mercola includes eyesight improvement in this Q&A video, and his website sells our CD program, "Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally".

How do you proceed if yo…

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What I Realized At The Vision Conference Last Weekend


Wow, it’s been 13 years! The last Association of Vision Educators (AVE) conference was held in 2002.

Finally. We had a wonderful gathering last weekend in L.A., May 1-3. Natural Vision Improvement folks from all over the US and several other countries got together for three days. Many thanks to Esther van der Werf ( who led the charge of making it happen.

AVE members are a wonderful eclectic mix of Natural Vision Improvement practitioners, even including a handful of renegade …

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A Breakthrough From Not-Knowing


We had some wonderful breakthroughs at our recent Vision Coach Training in LA. One person dissolved a two-year hell with "Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania", which in her case meant awful pain behind one eye that wouldn't go away.

In such a case, a specialist might properly suggest massage, exercise, meditation, diet, supplements, or (according to Wikipedia) a drug such as Indometacin or Lamotrigine. But "knowing" such answers may have precluded the breakthrough.

Instead, we used the approach of N…

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Holidays: A Concentrated Time To Heal Emotions And Eyesight



As we move through the holidays I feel sad about how much our family has shrunk in the past two years. Both my youngest sister and mother have passed on. This time of year seems to magnify feelings of every sort!

We should be kind to ourselves over the holidays. It's a time to be with friends and loved ones. And yet, some of our friends and loved ones may have passed on. Or for reasons beyond our control, they may be estranged from us. Or they (or we) may be going through other diff…

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New Online Appointment System For Vision Coaching


We just launched a new online appointment system for Natural Vision Coaching sessions. It will be especially helpful for keeping track if you buy a package of several sessions. Here is how it works:

  1. Register so you can view openings and make appointments.
  2. Buy one or more "credits" for appointments (or choose a time first).
  3. Receive a confirmation email, plus 24-hour and 2-hour email reminders.
  4. The system tracks remaining credits. Add more at any time.

As before you can email as much back…

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The Easy Way For Eyesight And Websites


Greetings! I am very happy to announce our new website. It marks a big change for me.

  • Letting go of self-hosting
  • Dropping "do-everything" software for simple hosted solutions
  • And, the simple individual solutions work well together!

The former myopic engineer has released a few more tentacles! As with eyesight, the way of ease seems more and more compelling.

I remember a few years ago when we stopped making our own booklets with all the many iterations to Kinko's copy center, making setu…

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